Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Pura Vida Travel is focused on offering its clients diversified, sustainable and creative round trip packages.

We try to achieve customer satisfaction by providing utmost:

  • security
  • transparency
  • confidence
  • professional consulting & support

When selecting providers we use to prefer small Costa Rican enterprises in order to contribute to a positive economic development of certain regions as well as to generate and secure jobs for local people.

As our mission we define the following values, which we consider as standards for our actions as part of our corporate culture:


Pura Vida Travel is constantly making efforts to reach the highest level of integrity. In all our actions and decisions we are honest, respectful, ethical and fair. We take full responsibility for our actions and admit our mistakes made. By scrutinizing and correcting our integrity standards we want to make sure that Pura Vida Travel remains worthy of trust to clients, partners and employees.


Pura Vida Travel established high quality standards and it‘s our goal to currently reconsider and improve them. Our product quality is defined by our performance, in accordance with regulations and legal requirements, the motivation and education of our staff as well as a social and environmental awareness and actions.

Creativity & Dynamic

We are looking forward to any suggestions and ideas, deviating from customary standards and mechanisms. It´s important to us that changes emphasise innovation and efficiency. As a result, we always try to replace outdated procedures by efficient and dynamic ones applying know how and creativity. We are convinced that this is the way for Pura Vida Travel to grow as a travel operator as well as to strengthen partnerships and motivate our staff.

Our Vision

Our vision is a healthy growth of our company and the positioning of Pura Vida Travel as a leading trademark for individual tourism to Costa Rica.

We also plan to further expand our environmental and socio-economic concepts and cooperation offerings.

We truly believe, that our sustainable corporate culture goes along with an increase in quality, customer satisfaction, motivation of our employees as well as economic and social welfare of Costa Rica and its people.

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